Enhanced Polyolefin Catalysts EPOC

Designed Chemistry has developed an extensive portfolio of PE catalysts for all reactor types that can be further optimized to account for specific conditions.

Our technologically advanced laboratory is continuously working to ensure that we have the best available catalysts on the market.

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Cost Savings – EPOC Enhanced Polyolefin Catalyst

High productivity: Activity is stable and sustained without the typical decay seen in competitive products.

This allows for a long reactor lifetime profile, making EPOC catalysts ideal for serial reactor systems since they will survive the combined residence of two reactors.

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Environmental & Quality Policy

Designed Chemistry AB is a specialty chemicals company, active in the field of high-performance polyolefin catalysts.  Our customers are typically large polyethylene manufacturers.

We work systematically to constantly improve our routines and products and are certified according to both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. With this policy in hand, and through our committed people, Designed Chemistry intends to become a market leader.

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Our quality control department has the latest testing equipment at their disposal as well as a leading edge bench reactor ensuring high quality and the ability to further develop our enhanced product portfolio. … Continue ReadingQuality

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